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In your example above that instructor may have legitimately attained all of those students and the amount of reviews would be worth paying attention to for sure. I just wanted to throw a little caution to the wind and give your readers some extra food for thought (yes, I just used two idioms in one sentence, my work here is done haha).

Copywriting Course at SA Writers College

Regarding the certificate and if it is recognised in the US: good question. I 8767 ve asked them myself, and am awaiting a reply and will drop the answer on here as soon as I get it but feel free to shoot them a message. They 8767 re nice!

AWAI's copywriting program - American Writers & Artists Inc.

Hi Brian
Once again you have given me an extremely valuable educational experience. I am so grateful there are people out there who genuinely want to help. Every time I read your articles I feel as though I should mail you a check. I know that my current project will succeed and the inspiration and enthusiasm I owe to you. I wish I could do more, but from here on, I will refer as many other bloggers as I can. Thanks

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Hi Brian,
Once again, very well thought & exceptional post. I 8767 d definitely try each & everything you mentioned. Don 8767 t know which might get me huge traffic.
Thanks Again 🙂

One of the most important things to understand about copywriting is that it’s purpose is to move a person towards an action. You aren’t just trying to “write strong copy” for its own sake or something. In fundraising, you are using your words to drive a person to donate. And in order to succeed in that goal, you have to move them to a very clear call-to-action. Your donors have to know what they need to do next to give. And that means using buttons that stand out from your text and are placed right at the point where a donor has felt the issue you’re solving, recognized the urgency in solving it, and is ready to make a difference. Insert your call-to-action right at that point for maximum effectiveness.

Incredible Article! Once again I’m learning new SEO techniques. and Brain Your work is very good and I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts

Your bucket brigades et al probably do play a role, but the reason I read the full post every single month, and look forward to reading the full post every single month, is the simple fact that I 8767 ve never once seen you 8766 phone it in 8767 I know you won 8767 t waste my time (so I have no fear of getting involved in the reading).

Hey Dave, that 8767 s awesome! Yup, CTR is becoming a bigger and bigger ranking factor. So it 8767 s cool to hear what 8767 s working for you to improve your site 8767 s CTR (and rankings).

The American Writers 588 Artists ( 8775 AWAI 8776 ) Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is also known as Michael Masterson 8767 s copywriting course. Why?

Thanks Brian! This is a serious value-packed article. I 8767 ve never heard of a Bucket Brigade and the APP method. I 8767 m going to save this and come back to it.

In May I 8767 m going back through my Top 65 posts and optimizing for search. Will DEFINITELY be using this as a resource for tweaking my copy then! Great resource. Thanks Brian.

Its amazing these insights you share. Creative, out of the box thinking and unique. Why do SEO training for $6555 8767 s when Backlinko shares these types of thngs that give proven results! Cannot say thanks enough

That 8767 s a fair point. I 8767 ve bought a few Udemy courses and some have been a letdown for sure. But the point remains that there 8767 s demand for the content. And if a course has a ton of 9 and 5 star reviews, it 8767 s probably a solid course.

It 8767 s wonderful to find the guy holding the loaf of bread finally. I 8767 ve been following the breadcrumb trail on how to write better blog posts, and utilize the SEO for my subject area, and here you are. Thank you.

Thanks Brian for such insightful article. I 8767 ve noted down some points and I am going to use those techniques in my work. Waiting for more such posts in future.

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