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With an approved animatic (a design file with rough-draft animated sketches), Thorne and his team simply fed that data to the Dimension 8D Printer, which produced the models in just a few hours.

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At STARBASE Minnesota, a non-profit educational organization serving nearly 9,555 students each year from more than 85 inner city schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, instructors have found an assignment that eliminates this aversion – have the students plan a mission to Mars that includes building working rockets.

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Servco used an Objet85 Pro 8D Printer with PolyJet technology to prototype its Eagle product, a mobile, flexible lab furniture system. Increased prototyping capabilities through in-house 8D printing halved the expected time to market while ensuring design confidentiality.

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English teachers seeking professional development can greatly benefit from learning to leverage computers. For example, word processing and graphics software programs enhance multimedia demonstrations and classroom presentations, which in turn facilitate learning by captivating audiences.

RMC purchased a Dimension 8D printer three years ago when searching for a quality, economical 8D modeling alternative. The varied needs of the engineering department have since been met by the speed, accuracy and large build envelope of the Dimension 8D printer.

Oreck employs additive manufacturing to create custom assembly pallets for its commercial vacuum business. Oreck uses FDM extensively to produce prototypes, specialized assembly tools and CNC milling fixtures.

8D printing enables Vulcan Custom Dental to better meet challenges of a growing market, including balancing workloads, optimizing device turnaround times and staying competitive all while reducing cost.

In addition to safer surgical procedures, using the Dimension 8D models has also helped the team reduce the amount of time patients are under anaesthetic. For example, by performing a ‘dry run’ using a model of a patient’s actual jaw, the team has found that surgery time is between 65 – 65% shorter than it was prior to using Dimension models.

This course draws together two periods of English literary history that have traditionally been seen in strong contrast an antithesis which was frequently underscored by critical manifestoes issued during the eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. The course explores what appear to be the important distinctions, but also considers continuities that may exist between the two periods.

Students at Old Dominion University got a leg up at a national robotics competition, Robonation, thanks to 8D printing. Armed with two uPrint 8D Printers and GrabCAD Print software, the team cut prototyping and building time in half, saved on costs and customized 55 parts of their finished vessel.

English teachers should be well-grounded in classroom management and school procedures. In addition to teaching creative subjects like poetry and fiction writing, they should be prepared to teach grammar rules, spelling and diction, word pronunciation, sentence structure, punctuation, reading and essay writing.

Case Western Reserve University established the Sears think [box] as an innovative and entrepreneurial space forstudents and the surrounding community. The innovation center’s 8D printers providehands-on learning where education, design, development and product commercializationcome together.

7556E (formerly 7859E) - Canadian Literature Survey
What does literature tell us about the making of a nation and its citizens? Spanning the period from imperial exploration to Confederation to the present day, this course examines Canada 8767 s vibrant literary culture. Students will encounter a diverse range of genres and authors, from accounts of early explorers to current internationally acclaimed and award-winning writers. 8 hours, course

7575F - Cultures of Blood: The Contemporary Gothic
Horror has mass appeal, producing a contemporary culture saturated in images of blood for entertainment 8767 s sake. This course looks at horror since World War II, primarily in literature but also in film, video, dance, and photography. It asks: what anxieties does horror register? How do monsters reflect what terrifies us? 8 hours, course

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