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There are also a lot of comparisons between nature and the characters. The most obvious relates to the pigeons. They act as symbols, so the pigeon at the start is just like Alice: the grandfather's favourite and 'pretty', but straining to fly away.

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The title, Flight , reminds us that leaving home is a key theme in the story. Both the pigeon and Alice are trying to escape, while the old man is trying to stop them. He eventually lets the pigeon go. We are not sure how Alice will leave, or whether her grandfather will learn to accept this.

We also see a contrast between how Lucy and the old man behave: he is much more like a child. In some ways, even Alice behaves in a more mature manner: she does not 'thump' her feet or shout like him.

Flight includes references to the wider world as well, such as shadows, sunlight and sky. Nature is clearly important to both the writer and the characters: they live in the countryside and it is important to their daily lives.

There are a lot of references to nature. The most obvious is the pigeons. They appear in the first sentence, as the old man looks after his dovecote (where they are kept). There are many other references - from their claws to how they fly. And the story comes to an end with them settling back in the garden, minus the pigeon which is the grandfather's favourite.

This essay is very effective in invoking the danger and pace of a dramatic and threatening scenario. Imagery is used effectively: the chair as a boa constrictor and other strong similes. Pace is well managed, with the exception that the punctuation is rather loose in parts, causing some breaks in the otherwise well-controlled sentence structure. There is some inappropriate lexical usage, such as the homophone "feint" instead of "faint".

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