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Benefiting from high-throughput biotechnologies, high-dimensional genetic data sets that include molecular profiles and clinical outcomes of various types of cancers become available. However, translating these multi-dimensional resources into clinical practice remains challenging. Moreover, emerging evidence suggests that there are cancer specific prognostic variations that can be used to classify cancers and guide strategies. This project aims at identifying key biological processes driving cancer development and progression using various bioinformatics tools and databases.

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In directed search models, workers do not encounter firms completely at random but try to locate those posting attractive positions. Age, experience and employment position of a worker will all help determine a worker’s optimal search strategy.

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The aim of this project to understand and evaluate the use of smart distribution network to manage and control injected power from wind farms connected to the distribution network. This is done by using ANM (Active network management) based on real time measurements on from the distribution network at the connection points. The connected distributed generators are allowed access to the distribution network based on network constraints that limit the output power of these generators. This project will evaluate the ability of smart distribution networks to increase their capacity for distributed wind, and their ability to provide ancillary services for the system wide support of wind power.

Please see our Academic Requirements FAQ for further useful information about first degree requirements and some specific information for applicants from the USA.

How do sellers compete in attracting buyers? How do buyers decide where and what to bid? There are many ways of thinking about this problem, some ideas can be found in the following:

A dynamic model of the drivetrain is to be developed to analyse these scenarios. The use of converter control in a bid to mitigate loading on the grid side of the drivetrain will also be investigated. The PhD is to be carried out in collaboration with Romax Technology who will be providing their in-house modelling software, RomaxWind.

One position is for UK students, the other is open to UK, EU and international students. The closing date for applications is 86 May 7567, but applications will be considered as they are received, so you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Experimental Assessment of Unsteady Rotor Loads and Aerodynamic Modelling with a View to the Application to Floating Wind Turbines - Steven Martin

We offer supervision on a range of topics in economics from social and behaviour economics to game theory and contract theory, from sports economics and neuroeconomics to health economics and family economics, from search and matching and international economics to political conflict and occupational mobility. Our strengths, in particular, are in:

In ice hockey, the goaltender (or 'goalie') is an important player who attempts to prevent the opposition from scoring by blocking shots directed at their goal. The save percentage (SP) is a key summary statistic that is commonly used to measure goaltender performance. However, comparison between players (to assess who is better) or within a single player (to assess how performance changes over time) is typically achieved simply by looking at the relevant SPs without any regard for sampling variation. This project aims to model goaltender data in order to gain better insight into performance. A considerable amount of the project may involve the development of an automated way to obtain the relevant data from online sources.

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