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Black Mesa: Surface Tension Uncut mod for Half-Life 2

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 15:15

My mod adds back these missing maps, designed by me and the community, and they fit seamlessly into Black Mesa's existing campaign. If I've done my job correctly, and I certainly believe I have, then you won't even know you're playing an addon mod. Surface Tension Uncut's goal was to emphasize the losing battle the HECU are fighting and bring back many of the memorable moments and sequences which were missing from Black Mesa's incarnation, as well as adding its own unique flavour.

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Theatre of Oppression: a form of theatre, developed and used by Augusto Boal, which examines the problems of oppressed peoples. ( Theatre of the Oppressed )

How to Write Dramatic Monologue (with Pictures) - wikiHow

compilation: a devised drama structure that explains an idea or theme or subject through the use of self-contained scenes or vignettes. Each scene is independent of the others but unified by its connection to the central idea or theme. ( montage )

Rule of Drama - TV Tropes

It happened. It finally happened. Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith went toe to toe (stick to stick?) to finally settle the score: Who’s the better the drummer? Two drum sets, four sticks, one face.

split focus: having two different dialogues or actions happening simultaneously on stage. Split focus can be used deliberately to strong effect but may also occur unintentionally in an improvised context.

levels: the use of different heights on the stage achieved by platforms, rostra or stairs the use of different heights in a group by actors standing, sitting or lying down.

Dorff s father Steve and his brother Andrew (who died in December) have separately penned hits for artists ranging from Kenny Rogers to Kenny Chesney. So it s hardly surprising that Stephen, during a lull in acting work, sat down and put his childhood musical training to use. Deciding with Ross to work his new batch of songs into a film project, he teamed up with family friend and Nashville vet Bobby Tomberlin to solidify the tunes country flavor and to find a context for them: Tomberlin helped secure locations like the Bluebird Cafe, where Dorff played in disguise, and convince industry figures like Curb Records Jim Ed Norman to play themselves in scenes with him.

teacher in role: a process convention and teaching strategy where the teacher manages a class from within a drama by taking a role to deepen and extend students' inquiry and learning.

meeting: a process convention where students in role take part in a gathering where they might hear information, discuss issues, plan action, make decisions or solve problems.

freeze-frame image : a convention used in performance and process drama in which a person or the members of a group use their bodies to make an image capturing an idea, theme, or moment in time also called a group sculpture or still image or frozen image.

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