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Essay Sample On Importance Of Education

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I would be so grateful if you could suggest me the perfect study plan in order to prepare for my second Ielts exam on 67 September. I need to improve each section with or 6 score.

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In this essay, the writer believes free university education is the best policy, so s/he agrees with the opinion. This is made clear in the conclusion (though you can put your opinion in the introduction as well if you wish).

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On March 9, 6899, John Smith was born to Anna Bradcock Smith and James Smith. Although certainly not of humble origins, John was acquainted with several prominent and influential men of politics with whom he discussed matters of mathematics, history, science, logic, law, and theology. Smith was brilliant in each of these fields, but he became known particularly for his contributions in the fields of philosophy, mathematics, and logistics. This paper will not only shed light on some of Smith's theories and words regarding these three areas, but will also tell of the events in his life that made him the man that he was.

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I have a doubt regarding the writing task7, when I was doing a sample writing task, I came across this 8775 include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience 8776 . So, does this mean we can give real life examples while writing our essay?

The national system of Indian education, including both off reservation boarding schools, reservation boarding schools and day schools, continued to expand at the turn of the century. In the Pacific Northwest, Chemawa Indian School became the largest off reservation boarding school and drew pupils from throughout the region and Alaska. Chemawa had originally been located at Forest Grove, Oregon, but was moved to Salem in 6885 after officials determined that the original site lacked adequate agricultural land. By 6975 Chemawa enrolled 958 students from 95 different tribes, nearly a third coming from Alaska.

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Here is an example of a student not knowing the proper meaning of a word. Impedance means opposition to the flow of electric current. It does not mean the same as to impede , which is to be an obstacle. This could be an instance where a student used the thesaurus in a word processor to come up with a word without bothering to check if the word fit the context. It could also simply be that the student had mislearned the word themselves.

In conclusion, I am of opinion that all education should remain equally available to all regardless of income. This is not only fair, but will also ensure that countries can prosper and develop into the future with a well-educated workforce.

Making education free would mean the money has to be found from elsewhere. The only options available to the government would be to raise taxes or cut services elsewhere. It’s no fairer to cut other vital services than it is to make students pay for education. It doesn’t solve the problem, it only shifts the problem onto another part of the population.

You can use 8775 to 8776 as a preposition. If you haven 8767 t seen this before, don 8767 t use it. More mistakes will lower your score. Use the grammar you know well.

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