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As someone born and living in Britain, I don 8767 t recognise what the writer describes as the place I inhabit. Certainly since the early 7555s we have had significant influxes of eastern European migrant workers, many of them people who have stayed a few years and gone home while others have settled. A long time prior to that were migrants from South Asia and the Carribean, while over a century ago writers like Mr Schwarz warned the UK was on the verge of being swamped by the Chinese the so-called 8775 Yellow Peril 8776 .

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mrscracker as for as the immigrant contribution to British culture, please see the point I make in the four paragraphs beginning: 8775 Paradoxically, this deep-rooted awareness of collective identity 8776

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85% of all disease is caused by lifestyle, and the failure of the European lifestyle, especially the birthrate, is clearly a result of failure of the family and local community, which have been marginalized by the centralized state. The swamping of native cultures is just one more problem associated with over-centralized power. We cannot fix this unless we recognize the underlying cause.

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There is an interesting book called the War of the Flea by Robert Taber about revolutionary guerrilla warfare. It was published a while ago in the 6965s and the CIA bought up the entire first printing – not because it was so dangerous that the Public couldn’t be allowed access to it but it was so good it was issued as a standard text to their operatives. I occasionally found copies in the second hand bookshops I frequented.

There are many more factors at play in this collective cognitive dissociation from one 8767 s country than immigration alone. A host of malign influences can be argued to have undermined those attributes of our nation that earlier generations would immediately have cited to prove that England, and her people, possessed uniquely defining characteristics that made her of great value to the wider world.

Mass communicated media saturate the industrialized world. The television in the living room, the newspaper on the doorstep, the radio in the car, the computer at work, and the fliers in the mailbox are just a few of the media channels daily delivering advertisements, news, opinion, music, and other forms of mass communication.

The fact is that India keeps hundreds of thousands of soldiers in Kashmir. They arent there to celebrate their honeymoons. They 8767 ve killed tens of thousands of Kashmiris. Kashmiris fly the Pakistan flag every chance they get at the risk of a bullet. And it is India that refuses a plebiscite, not Pakistan.

I 8767 ll throw a few out, because I think that each of them has, in the post-War period, contributed far more to the collapse in English identity and identification than has immigration.

It circumvented the single most important factor in maintaining national identity. One cannot incorporate people 8767 s who are not in agreement with the foundations, traditions, and societal norms rooted in history of common purpose, shared ancestry, language, and her unique factors to the country. I would even include religious experience or shard understandings.

There is clear evidence that Muslim immigrants from rural areas in the third world do not integrate in any meaningful manner. That’s a common feature of the European post-War experience. Mr Schwartz does not address, however, how that situation might play out in the long run and its eventual impact on the country as a whole. Of course, adding more of the same to the existing 8775 non-mix 8776 is unlikely to result in anything different, but what are its likely consequences?

Chaotic, as it turns out. The Bible was translated into local languages was this an educational boon or the work of the devil? Erotic novels appeared, prompting the same set of questions. Copies of Aristotle and Galen circulated widely, but direct encounter with the relevant texts revealed that the two sources clashed, tarnishing faith in the Ancients. As novelty spread, old institutions seemed exhausted while new ones seemed untrustworthy as a result, people almost literally didn 8767 t know what to think. If you can 8767 t trust Aristotle, who can you trust?

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"Mass media" is a deceptively simple term encompassing a countless array of institutions and individuals who differ in purpose, scope, method, and cultural context. Mass media include all forms of information communicated to large groups of people, from a handmade sign to an international news network. There is no standard for how large the audience needs to be before communication becomes "mass" communication. There are also no constraints on the type of information being presented. A car advertisement and a . resolution are both examples of mass media.

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