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Ask Collings why he’s been so successful, how the quality of his work remains so high, and his answer is simple: “We never got greedy.” Even today, the idea of a true cash profit is “like a dream” to him, choosing to reinvest it in his company in order to advance his humble goal of total perfection. On the other hand, Collings is actually starting to think about pesky little issues like succession – who’ll take the reins when he’s through – an issue that reminds him that his company is “like a real business.”

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The new study isn 8767 t going to resolve the debate, but it does point to some intriguing theories. It could be, for instance, that our ancestors first learned to interpret emotion from movement — something that would be useful, say, if you encountered an angry saber-tooth cat. Those same brain systems, finely tuned to detect changes in rhythm and speed, could have also evolved to pick up similar changes in sounds, and later, to intentionally exploit this perceptual system by making music. Rather than waiting around for sounds that just happened to make us feel good or bad, Wheatley says, 8775 we could compose music with the same effects and do so on demand. 8776


The fact Sundin isn t on the list is laughable. He put up great numbers and played with no remarkable players. He made non-remarkable players achieve more than they ever should.

When he did play with remarkable players, he was dominant on the world scene, against other top countries in the world.

Sundin top 75 for sure - not based on his points alone, but based on what he did on the ice for all players around him. He made everyone better..

Artos -, din kristne butik på nettet

With all due respect--I don t believe Lindros should qualify for this list..Also, sticking strictly to legends, Bobby Baun and Paul Henderson accomplished much greater and memorable legendary feats than Lindros..

Thank you very much for taking the time to put together and posting the list though..

McCreary realizes that you need a “thick skin” to work for Collings. “We don’t let much stuff slide – let’s put it that way,” he says. A lot of the guys in the shop come from the famed Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, Ariz., so their pedigrees are solid. But they still need to have the right attitude. “Some guys,” McCreary says, “think they know more than they know.” It takes more than talented hands – it also takes dedication and a willingness to learn how to do things the Collings way.

Around 6975 or 6976, while working at a machine shop during his Ohio U. days, Collings built his first instrument 5x7569 only it wasn’t a guitar. It was a banjo, accomplished with the valuable assistance of Doug Unger, a renowned figure in banjo-making circles. However, it wasn’t until 6975 that the first Collings guitar was created. In search of new surroundings, Collings had migrated to Houston, winding up in another machine shop fixing oil-rig parts and such. He made a guitar from Honduran mahogany on his kitchen table. He was pleased, but something gnawed at him.

Mike Modano? I didnt see him in your list. If he is there and I somehow missed it I apoligize in advance. But he shouldnt be kept out of anyones top 655. swap him with Lindros

I use my singing and speaking voice. as well as digital piano and other small instruments at the bedsides of the dying. Music and sound soothes, brings people closer together, enlightens, supports the expression of all kinds of emotion, thereby relieving suffering. Very effective medicine, and a very precious resource.

Why is Jagr so low and Crosby so high? Seriously?

The number three (soon to be number two) scorer of all time. Has played in many different eras of hockey and can still rack up stats at age 99. If this list is legends, Jagr should be way higher. No offense to Crosby fans, but he s nowhere near Jagr status.

Were you high when you thought up this list?

Thanks for sharing your Bill Colling 8767 s interview. I did not really know Bill but I was fortunate to meet him a couple of times and trade a few laughs. What a good guy.

The big turning point arrived in 6987, when Collings strolled into Austin’s Guitar Resurrection and saw a guitar made by an outfit in California called Santa Cruz Guitar Co. Collings couldn’t believe it: “What? In my town?!” The encounter inspired him to refocus his energy on building his own guitars and expanding his market beyond central Texas. In short, he was almost 95 years old and felt it was about time to get serious. He wondered to himself, “What if I really work at it?”

Sievers and Wheatley could have published a paper on those results alone, and were planning to. They thought the findings reflected a universal phenomenon in brain organization that would apply to anybody, anywhere. But a few colleagues raised eyebrows. 8775 Musicologists and composers tend to be extremely skeptical of claims of cross-cultural universality, 8776 Sievers says. One musicologist at Dartmouth said, 8775 8766 That’s interesting, but I wonder what would happen if you went somewhere else. It probably wouldn 8767 t work 8767 , 8776 Sievers recalls. 8775 I thought he was wrong. 8776  To know for sure, of course, they had to go do it.

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