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Issues Of Deviance And Social Control Sociology Essay

Date of publication: 2017-09-03 16:27

There are so much differences in the ways of living of the people that at every movement there is the possibility of clash between them. In modern times this possibility has all the more increased because man has become too self-centered.

Essay on The Genesis of self and social control

Society is subject to change. New invention, new discoveries and new philosophies continue to take birth in society. The individual has to adjust his behavior to the change taking place in society. But all the individuals cannot adjust themselves to the new conditions.

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Starting from the last criteria Horowitz points out the existence of a number of social control ''styles'': penal(the punishment that the individual suffers as a consequence of his act), compensatory(which obligates the individual to compensate his acts through payment, thus restoring his place in society), conciliatory (can be carried out without the need of coercive sanction) and the objective to change the individual personality in order bring him back to ''normality''. According to the last ''style'', the style, individuals are being treated as victims of an illness which they cannot control by themselves thus being forced to a programme of medical treatment.

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regulatory interpretations which treats the social control systematically as set of actions focused towards defining social deviance and stimulating the social reaction of prevention and rejection of it.

the means of originating, social control exercised by state institutions(courts, prisons, mental hospitals etc) by different social groups(family, school, associations, organisations etc) or by particular individuals who possess a certain authority within a group(priest, householder etc)

According to the functionalist-structuralist theory of , social rules indicates the individual the permitted social norms for different situations, from which he orientates his activity and chooses from all possible alternatives the most suitable one. Parsons insists over the idea that the obedience to the rules isn't caused by a coercive social control but rather by a natural behaviour, due to the internalization of the social values. The interpretations of social control that sociologists make today can be grouped into two large categories:

The deviant behaviour became a key concept in sociology in 6995, and as time went by, it has developed its own study, the sociology of deviance. Sociology of deviance studies crime, violence, alcoholism, prostitution, drug consumption, invalidity, suicides, mental illnesses, homosexuality and lesbianism. The definition of social deviance was first gave by two authors: Sellin and Merton.

Some become progressive, others remain conservative. When a person from the village moves into the city he comes across new cultural standards and it is possible that he may wrongly adjust himself to the new cultural environment.

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