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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 09:15

Click on the Facebook search bar and, yup, there are your recent searches. So helpful, Facebook! Luckily, as InformationWeek points out , you can clear your Facebook search history wholesale or remove individual items. But be forewarned: You’re about to see not just a collection of your top search terms, but every individual search you’ve made on Facebook. If you’ve been doing some compulsive social media sleuthing, this may be your come-to-Jesus.

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Per Recode , the company’s board was ready to vote as early as Sunday evening—potentially on General Electric chairman Jeffrey Immelt, who had been previously reported as their top contender for the role.

In Praise of the Irish Goodbye

To stop an account from showing up in your search recommendations—Instagram might know what you like but you don’t need anyone else to know it!—click the search bar, and then click and hold the account—you’ll get a pop-up option to hide. (The hiding is permanent, no matter how many times you continue to search for the account.)

How to Keep Your Social Media Creeping Private

Instagram search habits can make themselves known in two ways: First, they contribute to your “explore” feed, Instagram’s offerings of posts you might like, which appears when you click the magnifying lens on the bottom navigation bar. Then, once you click into the search bar on the top of that page, Instagram offers more suggestions and offers your recent searches.

The Next Web has a full run-down for erasing these red flags. Clearing your search history is step one—it’ll clear your recent searches but won’t affect recommendations. You can do this from Settings. (On iOS click the gear icon next to “edit profile.” On Android it’s the three-dot line.)

But on Sunday, Immelt followed the lead of numerous former contenders for the position and removed himself from consideration—potentially forcing the ride-sharing giant to consider its two other remaining top picks, or depriving it of any consensus choice at all.

So, when you think about it, Irish goodbyes aren’t rude—they’re actually pretty considerate. You’re sparing your host the trouble of giving you a long farewell, you’re not interrupting people’s conversations with an egotistical “Goodbye everyone! Stop what you’re doing and look at me!”, and you avoid wasting anyone’s time making plans you’ll never follow through with. Besides, nobody cares if you leave. The party will go on without you.

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The Times noted discussions over Whitman’s possible reconsideration of her decision to exit the process involved “what role Mr. Kalanick, who holds a board seat, would play in Uber’s future,” while Recode noted one factor which spooked some board members on Immelt was the possibility he was too close to Kalanick.

Uber’s board was widely expected to be prepared for a vote finalizing its punishing search for a new CEO to replace Travis Kalanick, who resigned earlier this year amid a storm of allegations he oversaw a widespread culture of sexual harassment.

Whitman was perhaps the most sought-after of the many female candidates for the Uber job, all of whom had either withdrawn their applications or been ruled out. Key to the grueling search’s length and the parade of tech executives who turned down the role seemed to be a toxic environment of infighting at the board Kalanick seemed to be seeking a return to power even as other board members were doing their best to bury him.

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